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25+ Years Grinding Southeastern Vegetation

R3 uses Morbark tub and horizontal grinders. R3 grinders and related equipment can be mobilized throughout the southeastern United States.

Each year, industry creates millions of tons of industrial wood waste in the U.S., along with yard trimmings and unwanted vegetation. R3 works with Florida municipalities to process and dispose of this vegetation. Our experience in wood waste recycling, land clearing and vegetation management, combined with our specialized equipment and processes, allows us to maximize the value of wood waste and other organic material, to produce recycled finished products for use by homeowners, businesses, and government. We process hard and soft woods for a variety of applications including landscaping mulch, tree nursery top dressing, erosion control, animal bedding, composting feed stock, soil augmentation, and bio-fuel feedstock. For bio-fuel and composting feedstock applications, we have the ability to vary the physical characteristics of the material we process including bulk density, particle size, moisture content, BTU value, and fines content to meet customer needs.

Environmentally Responsible

Grinding wood waste and vegetation for beneficial reuse is eco-friendly. Virtually 100% of the material we process is ground for beneficial reuse.

  • We reduce the volume of debris that is sent to landfills by grinding nearly all projects.
  • We reuse vegetation by processing material into soil additives and soil amendment products which make their way back into the environment.
  • Our ground hardwoods are recycled into decorative mulch products and composite wood products such as plywood.

By reducing, reusing, and recycling ground material and then returning it to the environment beneficially, we complete the recycling circle.

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