Background & Expertise

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In 1990, Justin D’Adamo (one of the principals of R3 Recycling) founded Justin Industries. Justin Industries began as a heavy equipment company providing a full range of site preparation services to residential and commercial builders, and evolved into an environmental company through its focus on providing material handling and recycling services to municipalities. As part of this natural progression, R3 Recycling was formed in 2001, and currently operates in three counties.

R3 Recycling operates the construction and demolition recycling facility at Martin County’s Palm City Transfer Station facility, which handles approximately 35,000 tons of construction and demolition debris annually.

R3 also takes in, separates, grinds, and disposes for beneficial reuse, approximately 60,000 tons of vegetative waste that is transported to the Martin County facility each year.

R3 has been grinding Florida green waste and hardwoods for more than 20 years and has developed in-depth expertise in processing high volumes of the softwood and palm frond material commonplace in Florida. Green waste material processed by R3 has been used for land application and soil enrichment, composting, residential mulch use, horse pillow shavings and bedding, and co-generation (waste to energy) uses.

Mission & Philosophy

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