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R3 Recycling Achieves Record-Breaking Recycling Rate in Martin County

Martin County Subcontractor Announces Diversion Rate of 86 Percent for March 2013

Palm City, Fla (April 30, 2013) – Prior to 2009, the Martin County landfill had never operated a construction and demolition recycling facility. Just four years later, the County can proudly announce that of all the construction and demolition material dropped off at the Palm City C&D Recycling Facility in March, 86% was diverted for recycling or reuse. The reason for this record-breaking recycling rate? The partnership between Martin County Solid Waste and their subcontractor, R3 Recycling.

R3 Recycling was selected in 2009 as Martin County’s first subcontractor for the handling and recycling of construction and demolition debris. In order to divert reusable products from being disposed of in landfills, R3 Recycling sorts through materials such as cardboard, plastics, concrete, wood and carpet, and other recyclables, handling approximately 35,000 tons of construction and demolition debris annually. On average, the company consistently diverts more than 75 percent of this local waste, which extends the lifecycle of products that are dropped off at the transfer station and lowers the cost of waste management resources.

“The challenge given to us by the County was to recycle a minimum of 50 percent. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve been able to successfully surpass that diversion rate and were able to do so well ahead of schedule. For us, our ultimate goal is to help this community achieve 100 percent waste diversion. Recycling, in its many forms, is an essential part of creating a healthy, sustainable Martin County,” said Jeff D’Adamo, Vice President of R3 Recycling.

In just a few years since becoming fully operational at the Palm City landfill, R3 Recycling has not only met and exceeded Martin County’s recycling goal, but has consistently been at or above the state’s goal of achieving a 75 percent diversion rate by the year 2020 – seven years in advance of the target deadline.

“As our first subcontractor, R3 has exceeded our recycling diversion rate expectations. R3 is doing its part to help Martin County attain the state’s 2020 legislative goal for 75 percent diversion. Their facility is helping Martin County maintain its reputation as an environmental community and be among the first counties in the state to achieve this recycling goal,” said Pat Yancey, Martin County’s Solid Waste Administrator.

D’Adamo attributed the sustained increase in the first quarter of this year to improved processing techniques and finding new outlets for reusable materials. He also noted that the installation of a new, 70-foot picking station feed system in August of 2012 improved their accuracy and efficiency, cutting the time needed through manual sorting by the company’s 22 person staff in half.

R3 is a subcontractor for Martin County, meaning that all purchases and investments made by R3 Recycling for their recycling and sorting systems are paid for by R3, not the County. “We’re investing in improved technologies for this facility because we believe doing so is really an investment in the future of our community,” D’Adamo said. For more information about R3 Recycling, visit or call or email

About R3 Recycling
R3 Recycling, an environmental services company, operates the construction and demolition recycling facility at Martin County’s Transfer Station facility, which handles approximately 35,000 tons of construction and demolition debris annually. R3 also offers hurricane cleanup, site reclamation, land clearing and grinding services throughout Florida. Whether it involves converting commodities into renewable energy, or making new products out of debris that would have otherwise been land-filled, R3 is committed to finding alternative uses for all the material it receives, striving for a 100 percent waste diversion rate. For more about R3, visit or find R3 on Facebook at