Land Clearing

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Environmentally Sensitive Land Clearing

Environmentally Sensitive Clearing (ESC) is a new and innovative method of land clearing. It’s environmentally friendly, can leave soil intact, eliminates burning, eliminates hauling and disposing of debris, and eliminates soil erosion and run off problems associated with conventional land clearing methods.

Common ESC Projects

• Commercial Site Preparation
• Reclaiming Pasture Lands
• Elimination of Invasive Plant Species
• Wildlife Habitat Restoration
• Clearing for Hunting Areas
• Pipeline Maintenance
• Survey & Boundary Lines
• Fence Lines
• Right-of-Ways
• Utility Easements
• Site Clean Up

ESC Advantages

• No Burning or Haul-Off
• Low Ground Pressure
• Minimal Ground Disturbance
• No Damage to Roots of Preserved Trees
• Erosion Protection
• Immediate Use of Cleared Property
• Mulching Recycles Natural Organic Nutrients

A large part of ESC is the proper handling of existing vegetation, soil and terrain. ESC applications depend on the terrain, the number and density of trees that will be preserved, existing plant species, the thickness of brush, and end-use of the subject property.

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