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The Energy, Climate Change, and Economic Security Act of 2008 (House Bill 7135) signed into law by former Florida Governor Crist created Section 403.7032 of the Florida Statutes. This new statute established a statewide recycling goal of 75% to be achieved by the year 2020.
The statute also directed the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to develop a program designed to achieve this goal and submit it to the Legislature for approval. DEP submitted its 75% Recycling Goal Report in January 2010.

R3 Recycling is committed to achieving this goal in partnership with Martin County and its residents. In only a few short years as a partner with Martin County, R3 Recycling has not only met and exceeded the 50% recycling goal set by Martin County, but R3 recycles nearly 75% of all of its material – the goal set by the state and eight years in advance of the target deadline. For more information about the statewide recycling goal, visit the Florida Department of Environmental Protection website.

Mission & Philosophy

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